New Work

After a hectic art fair season I am finally getting around to updating my site with new work. I haven’t been as prolific as I usually am but I am okay with it. This is mostly due to tendonitis flare-ups but it is also a bit of a reset about what painting in an “alla prima” manner means to me. I used to pride myself in starting and finishing a painting in one session (2 – 5 hours/a painting a week) but now I am starting to think what’s the hurry?? I have been stuck in a mindset that my studio time is limited due to other obligations (work & health issues) but, now that I am no longer freelancing, I have more time. I don’t feel like I have to complete a painting with every trip to my studio. I can take a step back when I get to 75% done and look again another day to see what else the painting needs. Do the highlights need heightening? Do the darks need to be darker? And so on. I am not making widgets I am making art and if it takes longer than I expect then so be it.